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Nothing forces your heart to skip a beat like hearing your car chime and the “Check Engine” light pop on. When it does, you probably automatically think of a worst-case scenario. Thankfully, that usually isn’t the case, and the check engine light can mean several things. It can signal anything from a loose gas cap to serious engine problems.

If your check engine light recently flashed on, here are three reasons to pay attention to your engine light and why you’ll want to bring your vehicle in for servicing at Brown’s Collision Center in Northwest Arkansas:

Temperature Problems

A lot goes into helping your engine not just avoid overheating but keeping it at a recommended operating temperature. If the check engine light comes on, there may be something going on with how your engine is being cooled. It could be something as simple as the need for more coolant, or the thermostat might be shot and stuck open/closed. However, there might be a coolant leak or any number of other issues going on with your vehicle. Give us a call at Brown’s Collision Center and let us diagnose the issue.

Correct the Issue Before It Turns Into a Major Problem

When the check engine light pops on, it doesn’t mean your engine is about to explode. Far from it. More than 100 potential issues can cause your light to click on, and most of these issues are minor. However, as is the case with any form of car maintenance, if you fail to address the minor issue, it could become a major problem. And major problems will not only cost you thousands of dollars in repairs, but they can put you in danger whenever you’re behind the wheel. Play it safe and have your engine light diagnosed.

Reminder to Stay on Schedule

Your vehicle has a recommended service schedule. This is a schedule that determines when certain parts and fluids need to be replaced. It’s pretty easy to forget about the schedule. For proper car maintenance, though, you need to stay on top of it. Chances are, the check engine light has something to do with a liquid or part that should have been replaced several thousand miles earlier.

Let Us Service Your Engine

Your check engine light may signal any number of issues with your vehicle. You can perform some basic troubleshooting yourself, and some make and models even allow you to bring the computer codes up on the dash. However, these are basic codes that don’t tell the full story of what’s going on under the hood. Even local part supply stores that offer car computer readings don’t give you complete diagnostics of your engine. The code popping up might indicate a coolant issue, but there are so many potential problems connected to coolant that it won’t help you solve the question of what is going on with your engine.

That is exactly why you need to come in and see us. Our staff of certified mechanics here at Brown’s Collision Center will perform complete diagnostics not only on the computer code but we’ll perform a complete visual inspection as well. This way, we’ll get right down to what is causing the problem, which makes repairing the issue that much easier. So, if your vehicle’s check engine light just popped on, or if you need general car maintenance, now is the time to give us a call and set up your servicing appointment.

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