Three Things To Consider Before Refinishing Your Car

Could your vehicle use some sprucing up? Perhaps it’s on the older side and has seen better days, it was involved in an accident, or some of the general wear and tear of the vehicle is getting to you. Whatever the reason may be, refinishing your car is always an option. But is it right for you? Here at Brown’s Collision Center, we help answer that question. So, before you take your vehicle in, here are three things to consider before any auto refinishing services should be scheduled.

Is Your Car Worth It?

Perhaps the first thing you need to consider before auto refinishing is whether your vehicle is worth it. If you’re planning on paying for the service out of pocket it can set you back several thousand dollars for certain jobs. In some situations, this might be more than what your vehicle is worth, and while auto refinishing will increase your vehicle’s value, it may not bump it up to be more than what you’re paying for. If you simply want the car to look good and you don’t care about the value, by all means, continue. However, if it is reaching the end of its life and you’ll never get back what you’re putting into the paint, it may be best to hold off.

What Do The Reviews Say?

So you know you want to move forward with the auto refinishing service. Now you need to find a place to take it into. Don’t just search the area for the least expensive options. Cheap paint jobs will often look cheap, and is it worth saving a few bucks if the new paint job looks bad? Look into the reviews for the different auto refinishing locations to see what past clients have said. Read both the good and the bad reviews. You’ll want to compare these reviews to other service locations. The best way to go about things is to not look at the price right out of the gate. Find the auto refinishing locations with the best customer reviews and then consider the price point. Price is important, but you don’t want to waste your money.

How Soon Do You Need Your Car Back?

Painting a car isn’t like painting a room. It requires prep work to be completed. It may take up to 10 hours of prep work for every one hour of painting spent on your vehicle. This means there is almost no way you’ll be getting your vehicle back the same day. Perhaps you only need one panel painted, but it is almost always better to have the entire vehicle redone. If the paint shop can perfectly replicate the paint of your vehicle than this won’t be necessary, but often it is best to have the entire vehicle done at once to avoid miss-matched paneling and paint jobs. So you’re probably not going to get your vehicle back the same day, or even the next day when refinishing your car.

Auto Refinishing Needs

If you should decide you want to continue with auto refinishing you will love the way your vehicle looks when it’s all said and done. Here at Brown’s Collision Center, we have expert auto painters on hand who can make your vehicle look as good as the day you drove it off the lot. If you want to know more about auto refinishing or are ready to schedule a service, now is the perfect time to give our staff here at Brown’s Collision Center a call. Our expert staff is here, ready to help with refinishing your car and more.

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