Need Help Finding the Right Auto Collision Center for You?

Tips For Choosing the Right Auto Collision Center

After your vehicle is in an accident, you need to take it into the right auto collision center. However, not all collision centers are created equal, so taking it into an inferior shop might result in a cheaper fix, which in turn can result in your vehicle running into further complications or even needing the entire job done again. In order to avoid all of these problems, you should follow these tips for choosing the right auto collision center.

Word of Mouth

Worth of mouth is especially important. Chances are, you have heard some people heap praises upon one auto body shop such as Brown’s Collision Center or you have heard people say negative things about another shop. Make sure to always listen to them. You may find out one shop is known for using inferior parts which do not last as long, or perhaps they simply treated the customers poorly and held onto the vehicle for far longer than necessary. Word of mouth is vital in any kind of business, but in regards to an auto collision center, it is almost more important than most other businesses.

Operational Cost

Operational cost is extremely important to look at. Different companies are going to have a larger overhead, which in turn is going to alter the cost of what it takes to correct and repair your vehicle. This is something you need to consider and to make sure to look into when selecting the best garage. On top of this, the labor cost is going to vary. Some locations charge two or three times as much as others, even though the quality of the professional mechanic working on the vehicle is of no difference.

Multiple Estimates

Don’t just take your vehicle to one shop and be done with it. You need to look around and receive multiple estimates. If you can drive your vehicle, this works out the best, but even calling in to see what they might charge is helpful. With this being said, you shouldn’t just go with the cheapest because they are the cheapest. This sometimes means they do inferior work. Instead, keep in mind the word of mouth regarding the collision center and then compare prices. you will find one that is less expensive and also receives favorable reviews.

Know What to Ask

Don’ just go to the collision center and hand over your ATM card. This isn’t a good way to do business for yourself. Instead, ask a few questions to see what is going on. First, ask if the shop provides warranties and how long the warranty lasts for. A quality collision center stands by its work, which means it is going to offer a warranty. It knows it did quality work and knows the chances of you needing the warranty is slim to none, but it provides peace of mind. If the garage does not provide a warranty, it might be time to look elsewhere. A one year warranty is a minimum, but usually a two year for body work and three year for paint jobs is what you want. Also, ask if the garage has theft and fire insurance. You don’t want to be left accountable for any damage your vehicle sustains while on the premises. Also, ask about the materials used in the repair job, such as if it is from a used vehicle, third party or from the manufacturer. Taking your  car to an auto collision center is not something we necessarily look forward to, but hopefully these tips and tricks will help the experience be just a little less painful.

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