Top 3 Causes of Auto Body Damage

Most people think auto body damage results strictly from collisions. However, plenty of threats to your vehicle’s body exist, aside from collisions with other vehicles.  From wayward shopping carts to harsh weather and beyond, plenty of things can compromise your vehicle’s body. Let’s take a look at the most common causes of auto body damage.

Collisions & Fender Benders

The last thing you need is a violent collision with another vehicle. However, accidents happen. If another vehicle collides with yours, Brown’s Collision Center is here to help with timely and effective auto body repairs.

A low-speed crash — a fender bender — can also cause body damage. Some fender benders are significant enough to twist your car’s frame, making the vehicle challenging to control on the road.

Our trained collision technicians are here to assess the level of the damage and perform the appropriate auto body repair, from chassis to body. We will repair both the body and the frame to get your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible. The extent of the auto body repair hinges on the damage caused by the collision. From replacing body panels to installing a new glass, straightening the frame, and beyond, we will do whatever it takes to get your vehicle back to normal.

Weather Really Can Damage Your Vehicle’s Auto Body

Mother Nature’s wrath can damage your vehicle’s body, including its paint. Large pieces of hail can easily dent your vehicle. Moisture from rain, sleet, hail, or snow can cause rust to the quarter panels, wheel wells, and more. We will cut out and replace the damaged or rusted areas.

Even strong sunlight can lead to body damage. An abundance of the sun over several years will fade the auto paint. The solution?  Repainting to restore that new-car look.

The Carelessness of Others & Vandalism

One negligent shopper can dent your vehicle’s body. An abandoned shopping cart has the potential to roll directly into your vehicle, leaving a large dent or several dents.

Other drivers who open their doors into the body of your car from one parking spot over can cause body damage as well. If other people’s careless ways damage your car, reach out to our team right away for prompt and thorough auto body repair.

Nothing is worse than walking out to your vehicle to see it has been vandalized. If miscreants damage your vehicle, reach out to Brown’s Collision Center right away for prompt repair.

Whether your vehicle has a scratch that needs to be buffed out, a dent, or another form of damage, we will repair it and get your ride looking new once again without an extensive delay.

Brown’s Collision Center is Here to Help

Our collision specialists are here to repair your vehicle’s damaged auto body. If you have been involved in a collision or if your vehicle has endured body damage for any other reason, give us a call today. You can reach our vehicle repair specialists by dialing 479-273-2639. You can also send us a message online and we will be in touch soon regarding any of the causes of auto body damage to your vehicle.

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