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Top 3 Concerns From Auto Body Repair Customers

Top 3 Concerns From Auto Body Repair Customers

When vehicle owners are involved in car accidents, one of the first things they must do is to choose a reliable auto body repair shop. After dropping off their vehicles, customers will often times have a few questions about the repair. These concerns add stress to the situation that are unnecessary if the right shop is chosen for the job.

Here are the top three concerns heard from customers regarding auto body repair after an accident:

1. Drivability

The most important aspect of a vehicle after an accident is its drivability. So, of course, customers will often be worried about a repair shop getting this right. The only way to ensure that the suspension damage on your vehicle is corrected and is aligned perfectly after an accident is by getting an auto body repair shop that uses only the most advanced alignment machines. Choosing an auto body shop that uses only the best machinery to fix suspension damage will give customers the confidence and relief of proper drivability.

2. Frame Damage

The frame of a vehicle is its foundation. Without a the right foundation for your vehicle, it can be unsafe to drive. It was nearly impossible to properly repair vehicles with a bent car frames in the past. Today, customers can have piece of mind knowing that the right auto body repair shop uses the most sophisticated repair equipment and most advanced alignment machines to repair damaged car frames. An ASE certified specialist should perform the repairs for frame damage.

3. Paint

Lastly, many customers worry that an auto body shop will not match the paint exactly for the damaged areas of their vehicle. The only way to ensure paint is matched exactly is to use a shop that integrates the latest painting systems and techniques that auto manufacturers use in the original factory paint jobs on their vehicles.

A professional auto body repair shop can find the color code for the original paint by using the car’s identification plate (called the Service Parts Identification). This, along with the right techniques, can help you achieve a perfect color match. One of the worst pet peeves for a customer is getting the vehicle back after a repair and seeing that it does not look good.

The Solution to These Concerns

Brown’s Collision Center offers the answers to all of these questions and concerns, and has solutions that leave the customers fully satisfied. Brown’s Collision Center is dedicated to getting the job done right, while being a customer-oriented auto repair shop.

By choosing Brown’s Collision Center as your number one repair shop after an accident, you will have piece of mind. No one should have to deal with a faulty repair or a shop that does not address the needs and concerns of their customers. After an accident, get rid of that extra stress and leave the auto body repair up to Brown’s Collision Center.

If you have recently been in an automobile accident, contact Browns Collision Center. They provide FREE estimates by an ASE certified professional and all the services you need to get back on the road. Let Browns Collision Center relieve the stress of your accident and get your car back to a pristine condition.

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