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Driving a car that has a faulty AC can make the journey seem much longer since the driver will be sweating and feeling uncomfortable. Additionally, a broken AC system can cause complications for your engine. The AC needs to be checked regularly, and it should be in an excellent working condition before you head on a long road trip. 

1.    Refrigerant Leak

It can be hard to detect when a car AC system is leaking refrigerant. This is because the refrigerant evaporates when it comes to contact with air. A professional will have to inspect your system to determine if and where a leak has developed. 

A professional mechanic has special tools to detect if the vehicle has a refrigerant leak, and will introduce an ultraviolet fluid that shows if there is low refrigerant in the vehicle. However, there are a few symptoms associated with a refrigerant leak that you may be able to spot yourself: 

•    A constant clicking sound when the AC cycles on
•    Frequent cycling of the AC
•    Hissing sounds even while the engine is off
•    Oil residue around the AC hoses and pipe fittings

2.    Fan failure

A broken fan is one of the most common issues for your vehicle’s AC system. Your fan is what blows cold air into the cabin of the vehicle, and also keeps the engine cool. When the fan motor fails, cold air stops flowing in the vehicle. This can lead to the AC not working correctly and the engine overheating. A fan motor can fail if something is blocking the air flow or of the fans are broken. The correct way to detect any problem with the fan is by observation or visual inspection.

A cracked fan can be caused by debris and materials entering the fan’s casing. The only way to repair a crack is by replacing the fan entirely. Additionally, a fan can stop working due to electrical problems. These issues need to be addressed by a professional mechanic to restore the function of your fan and AC system. 

3.    Recharge the Refrigerant

The AC refrigerant needs to be recharged after a while. This ensures that it has enough energy to work correctly. If the refrigerant does not have enough charge, the AC may not cool off enough and can begin to blow warm air. 

Additionally, the car engine might not work efficiently since it will be operating at a higher temperature. Recharging the refrigerant will ensure that your vehicle is able to operate safely, without danger of damaging itself due to overheating. 

When you want to get your car’s AC repaired or checked you can always contact Brown’s Collision as they offer excellent services. They ensure that the car is in perfect condition and that the AC and engine are working correctly.

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