Top 3 Reasons Small Windshield Chips Can Cause Big Problems | Auto Repair

There you are, driving down the highway, when a car passes you and, during the pass, it kicks up a small pebble on the road and flings it into your windshield, cracking it. It’s happened to the best of us. You hear the sudden “crack” of stone against the glass, and then you notice the chip in the glass. Obviously, you’d rather not spend money on auto repairs, but often it is essential, both for the structural integrity of your vehicle and to keep you safe. If you have sustained a small chip in your windshield, our team at Brown’s Collision Center wants to educate you into why it is crucial to have the chip addressed sooner rather than later. In fact, here are three reasons why you should book auto repair services for your windshield chip.

The Chip Will Grow

When you notice the chip, it will likely be small. It might be just a tiny hairline crack no bigger than a pencil eraser. The small appearance of the chip or crack may cause you to think twice about possible auto repair. However, you shouldn’t put it off because the chip will grow. As the temperature around your window’s glass rises and drops, it will force the glass to expand and contract. This affects the chip, causing it to grow. At first, the chip’s growth will not be noticeable, but then there will be a morning where you hop into your car, look at your window, and suddenly you realize the chip turned into a spider-web crack, with cuts arching out in different directions. You need to fix the chip before this happens.

Loss Of Structural Integrity

Any damage to your vehicle will drop its structural integrity. The same is correct with your windshield. A crack in the windshield reduces the strength of the glass. It may not seem like a big deal, at least until another accident happens. Or perhaps another stone or a more substantial rock strikes your window. A windshield with its full strength integrity may be able to absorb the impact, but an already damaged windshield will be far more likely to shatter, which will send glass shards into the cabin of your vehicle. While hopefully you never have to deal with an accident or an item striking your window, you can’t forecast what may or may not happen. Due to this, it is essential to do what you can to keep yourself and your family safe. This includes taking advantage of an auto repair service offered by our team at Brown’s Collision Center.

Replace Instead Of Repair

In the event of a small window chip, there’s a good chance you can repair the damaged glass. This usually includes the injection of an epoxy or even an acrylic adhesive into the crack. This fills in the blemish and binds the glass back together. In some instances, the chip will no longer even be noticeable. However, if you don’t repair the chip right away and it expands, you may no longer be able to fix the window but instead will be forced to replace it, which is far more expensive.

These are three of the reasons why small windshield chips can cause significant problems with your vehicle. If you act now, it will be less expensive to repair and, possibly, you may be able to avoid replacing the entire window. Wherever the crack may be, if you have sustained a chipped windshield or any other auto damage, now is the time to bring your vehicle in and have our repair specialists at Brown’s Collision Center inspect and repair your vehicle.

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