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Unless you drive an electric vehicle, your car, truck, SUV, or other fuel-based vehicle makes noise. With all the moving parts that is to be expected. However, there are times where your vehicle will make some unexpected noises to not ignore. But what noises mean you need to take your vehicle for servicing at a destination like ours here at Brown’s Collision Center? Here are the top three car noises to not ignore and absolutely pay attention to and have looked into right away.


There are some noises you already know about. There’s the squeak that happens when you tap on the brakes. This is pretty self-explanatory in that you need to have your brakes checked and replaced (it is best to have this done sooner rather than later as you don’t want to wear down the calipers and other parts of the brakes). However, when you hear a hiss, this is not good at all.

A hiss will come from the engine block in front of you. When you hear a hiss it likely means there is either air or steam escaping from somewhere under the hood. You don’t want moisture spurting around here. When you hear a hiss there will probably be steam and smoke not far behind. Sometimes this is simply a cooling system problem (which can be anything from a loose radiator cap to blow valves, loose tubing, or something more serious).

If you do hear hissing don’t just toss open the hood of your vehicle. Turn the vehicle off and let the hissing die down. You don’t want to open the hood and get a face full of hot steam. Also, never fiddle with the radiator or other valves while the vehicle is hot. This will lead to injuries and additional damage to your vehicle.

Squeaking (Not From The Brakes)

Usually, when you do something within your vehicle and there is a corresponding sound it is pretty simple to at least place what the automotive repair needs to be. However, what happens if you’re driving and you hear squeaking coming from upfront around the engine? Well, this squeaking likely means the serpentine belt has become loose and is now grinding between areas of your engine. This can happen if the belt begins to wear down and loses its strength. If the belt slips it can cause additional damage within the engine block.

This automotive repair, as long as you take care of it quickly, is not all that painful. Replacing the belt is done quickly and isn’t very expensive.


This is most likely the case when you have a manual transmission, but it can occur with an automatic as well (it’s easier to identify when you have a manual). This crunching when gears shift means there is grinding going on within the transmission. Crunching is within the top three noises to not ignore and have your car serviced right away because you don’t want your transmission to grind down. It may be as easy as topping off the transmission fluid (don’t overfill), but there might also be something else wrong. Bring your vehicle in for automotive repair service.

Service Your Vehicle When You Need It

Your vehicle needs regular maintenance. That’s just part of owning a vehicle. As long as you follow your vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule you will be able to avoid most sudden repair needs. However, should you hear one of these three noises, or if your vehicle begins to make any other kind of strange sound, it is important for you to make an appointment with our staff here at Brown’s Collision Center. So feel free to give us a call or schedule a service time directly through our website. Whatever the problem is we’ll get to the bottom of it and get your vehicle back on the road running as smoothly as ever.

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