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As you turn over a new leaf this year, make sure you adhere to road safety. It’s excellent to note that road accidents have been taking a dip since 2015. To maintain this trend, automobile owners need to make sure they are cautious on the roads.

The last thing you want to do is start a brand new year with high vehicle repair expenses. Among your New Year’s resolutions should be to become a better driver. This means you have to consider your car’s condition. Before the year gets even further along, make sure you service your vehicle, so you lower your risk of road accidents.

Here are the top three car safety resolutions you should have on your list.

1. Keep up with Vehicle Maintenance 

Vehicle maintenance is the best thing you can do for your car. If you don’t keep up with vehicle maintenance, there is very little you can do to stay safe on the roads. Make sure you find a reliable auto shop for your vehicle.

Anyone with a vehicle will agree that failing to service your vehicle only makes minor problems worse. It’s better to take care of vehicle issues as soon as you notice them rather than waiting until something tragic happens.

The beauty of reliable auto shops is that professional mechanics are in a position to identify even hidden vehicle issues. You need to take care of brake pads, oil changes, clean air filters, and so much more. The professional mechanics at Brown’s Collision Center will follow the manufacturer’s protocol, so nothing is interfered with.

Letting a skilled mechanic take care of your vehicle’s maintenance keeps your car in tiptop condition. Keeping up with vehicle maintenance is a good way to save money in 2020 because you protect yourself from unforeseen repair expenses.

2. Avoid Distractions While Driving 

Many people get involved in auto collisions because they let themselves be distracted while driving. Make sure you keep your mobile phone away while you’re driving. You’ll have enough time to return calls and check your notifications when you get to where you’re going.

In case it’s an emergency, pull over at a gas station and only leave once you’re done talking with the other person. Small things like this make a world of difference.

Each time you’re driving, make sure your attention is entirely on the road. Being alert can save you from colliding into a careless driver on the road. Distracted driving has been an epidemic since the advent of automobiles. Drivers always think they can multitask on the road. Make it a goal this year to avoid all distractions while you’re driving.

3. Extend Courtesy to Other Drivers 

You must be wondering how courtesy relates to car safety. Well, drivers extending courtesy to each other is the key to maintaining decorum on the roads.

When drivers get frustrated on the roads due to traffic snarls and road construction, they can easily make irrational decisions. Extending courtesy to a frustrated driver could be what saves you from a horrific head-on collision.
Road rage results in terrible accidents because such drivers are not in the right mind space. Be patient with fellow drivers on the road to keep everyone safe. Remember, you’re not the only one in a hurry to get to where you’re going; otherwise, you’d be the only one on the road.


These car safety resolutions can help ensure you’ll have a good year ahead. Road accidents and vehicle damages can set you back and delay your projects for the year because you’ll have to dig deep into your pockets.

To keep your car in good repair in 2020 and beyond, contact Brown’s Collision Center today.

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