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Transparency is for More Than Just Glass | Brown’s Collision Center

When you work with a solid and dependable auto repair company, transparency goes beyond the see-through glass of your windshield. Good companies earn the respect of their customers every day by keeping them informed during the entire repair process and staying true to the customer’s best interest all along the way.

Time Frame

One of the first ways you can find out whether the auto center you choose to work with values transparency is by examining the time frames they give you. If they promise to get you in at a particular time, do they follow through, or do you end up waiting excessively because they weren’t completely honest about their workload? For that matter, can the shop even give you a time estimate to begin with? A good shop will know what they can tackle in a day and will never lie to or mislead customers for personal gain.

To Repair or Replace

With many auto issues, you may find yourself wondering whether to get the problem fixed or to just get replacement parts instead. Replacement is often the easy, seemingly convenient answer; for example, if you have a crack in a window or your windshield, it is tempting for your mechanic to ‘err on the side of caution’ and suggest replacing it outright. However, in many cases a repair job may be both a less expensive and more effective solution. Transparency often comes down to making the best suggestion for you, as opposed to the suggestion that requires little effort and will make the shop a little more money in the short term.

Consistent Quality

At the end of the day, the most important feature of any auto shop is the quality and durability of their repairs. When you get a repair done, will you need to have it redone again in the near future, or will it hold for a reasonable amount of time? A mechanic who values your business will let you know when a repair is only a short term solution or when the repair may very well last you for the life of your vehicle. If the repair should last but does not, or what ends up getting ‘repaired’ was not really the problem in the first place, you have reason to doubt the integrity of your auto repair shop.

Observation and Suggestion

When a mechanic looks at your vehicle, their expert eyes may spot problems that are not yet obvious to a layman. When you bring your car to the shop for a particular problem, your mechanic may sometimes inform you of these hidden problems. A mechanic who is truly on your side will not pressure you to fix all of these problems right away; cash flow or time constraints mean that some smaller issues can be set aside for the short term without causing any harm. If the mechanic breaks down what should really be fixed from an operational or safety perspective and clearly differentiates those problems from mere cosmetic issues, take that as a good sign.

Going the Distance

Time is the ultimate judge of transparency. Anyone can set up shop for a month or two and operate without any professional accountability, knowing that they will never have to face the consequences of that choice. However, the best auto repair shops are the ones who have an established reputation and must defend it by doing good work on a consistent basis. Brown’s Collision Center has been in operation since 1989, and we understand that the good faith of our community is a privilege, not a right!

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