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Do you live in or near Bentonville, Arkansas? Had an accident and now you need an insurance estimate for auto damage? Well, there are over five million car accidents each year worldwide – you are not alone! One happens every minute of every day and night. But, one of the first things you will do after the initial shock has worn off, is get an insurance estimate for auto damage. Though the process may seem a bit overwhelming, but fear not – just break it down into sections. The effort is worth it to have your car back in great condition.

Avoid Online Estimate Tools

It seems easiest to get an estimate for your car on google, but it isn’t actually helpful to do so. Each situation is unique and each car has its own costs associated with repairs, so your information might not be relevant. The only way to get a proper insurance estimate for auto damage is through a professional, who will also have the best plan for fixing your car.

Looks Deceive

In some cases, a little damage may be very expensive. In others, what looks like a ton of damage may require only light repairs. Avoid the temptation to view the damage and figure how much effort will be needed. In days gone by, a little ding on the fender was an easy fix. Now, a large section of the front end needs to be replaced, as they are often all one piece.


Choose your shop for the insurance estimate for auto damage and make the appointment. This is a free estimate, but a very important step. Usually, less than an hour is needed. It is best to be thorough and make sure any damage caused by the accident is included. At the end of the process, you will have the itemized list needed for the insurance company.

Each estimate is unique. There is no formula to predict the cost. In the estimate, be sure there is labor, repairs, touch up painting and parts included. Some common repairs include the fender, hood, side panels and maybe the windshield.

When you need an insurance estimate for auto damage, look for an auto body repair shop in Bentonville, AR that will help you through the whole process. It is expected that you will ask questions. Though there are millions of accidents each day, this may be your first. And you should be treated with respect and have all your needs met.

Once the estimate is submitted to your insurance, a dialogue begins between your service provider and the auto body shop. A final agreement is made for the price of repair, then the work may begin.

Trust Only The Best – Brown’s Collision Center

Our company was built on one premise – the customer is the priority. Fact is, we wouldn’t exist as a company without you. So when you walk through our door, expect to be treated with professionalism, and a bit of neighborly welcome. We have been in this business for generations, back when Mr. Ford began creating his Model-Ts. The industry has changed drastically since then, and we have kept up with every step.

Craftsmanship can’t be faked. Either a car works well and looks great or it doesn’t. Instead of risking your fate to an unknown choice on the internet yellow pages, come on in for your insurance estimate for auto damage with us. We have remained a family-owned business to ensure that no one in a big office can tell us to cut corners to make bigger profits. See why we are different. Drop by today for your auto repair estimate.

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