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Auto body damages are inevitable. Even though safe driving can help minimize the frequency and magnitude of the damages, you can’t completely protect your car from ALL damage. Even when the car is *safely* parked, someone could accidentally “ding” your fender or bumper. And on the road, flying pebbles could dent your auto body no matter how slowly you’re driving.

The good news is that all auto body damages can be repaired. Even more exciting is the fact that thanks to technology, the repairs can now be done in minutes rather than hours. This means that as you drive on the road, you need to keep safe, yes. But, you shouldn’t really be worried about small dents on your custom door because those can be fixed pretty easily.

Common auto body damages and how they’re fixed

Here are some of the most common types of body damages you may encounter and how we can help you fix them;

  • Weather-related damages

Vehicles spend more than half of the day outside in the open. Most of the time, they are in parking lots and in front of your house, exposed to every kind of weather element; hot suns, snowing winters, rains, and storms. Over time, these weather elements can wash away the vehicle’s paint and even cause the body to rust. At Brown’s Collision Center, we fix this by sanding and repainting the damaged areas. If the rusting is really bad, we can cut out the rusted part and replace it with a new piece of metal.

  • Paint scratches

We’ve just mentioned parking lots and this is where most scratches occur. You park your car nicely and go in to pick up a few groceries. When you come back, there’s a scratch on side! You may never even get to see the person at fault. Scratches can also be caused by carelessness back at home and on the road especially when loading large pointed objects. Depending on the size of the scratch, our technicians can use different techniques to fix it. For small scratches, rubbing may just be enough. For big scratches, we can use body fillers and computer-matched painting to erase the scratch.

  • Dents

Dents are commonly caused by flying objects such as small pieces of rock hitting your vehicle as you drive. Sometimes it can be a reasonably sized piece of rock that may leave a large dent on the body. There are several ways of dealing with these dents. For instance, if the paint wasn’t affected, then we can use what is known as paintless dent removal which is really quick. For larger dents, we can drill a small hole close to the dent and insert a special tool into that hole, then use the tool to pull the dent up before filling up the hole.

  • Collision damages

Lastly, if you’ve been involved in an accident, there is a very high chance you will escape with at least a few dents. If you’re not so lucky, you may end up with a completely damaged body with tears and bends everywhere.  A bent frame is very dangerous as it affects the vehicle’s structural integrity. Our highly experienced technicians can use computer-aided machines to pull the frame back into the desired position as well as help lift any dents and repaint the car as necessary.

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