We Treat Minor Dent Repairs to Complete Auto Collision Repairs

Auto damage comes in all shapes and sizes. It isn’t only sustained in a major accident or from a tree toppling over during a storm. Instead, most auto owners experience minor dents and dings over the course of owning a vehicle. It’s from backing into a curb, or a shopping cart colliding with a door. It’s from rocks kicking up on the highway or from a child’s baseball falling onto the trunk. No matter the kind of auto damage or the severity of the problem, our team at Brown’s Collision Center is here to help. So before you accept the fact that you’ll have a scratch by the door handle for as long as you own the vehicle or wonder what to do about your serious accident, give us a call. We provide dent repairs of all shapes and sizes.

Determining the Dent Severity

Whether a dent is the size of a baseball or the entire panel is mashed in there are different levels of severity. First, it is important to inspect the dent to see if the paint has chipped and if the panel itself has cracked. If the panel and the paint remain intact it may be possible to pull the dent out without doing anything else.

If the paint is chipped but the paneling remains intact it may be possible to pull the dent out, but it will be necessary to repaint the panel. In the event the panel is cracked though you’re looking at a more extensive repair. Our team will go over the specific options with you in this case so you know not only the repair methods but also the possible costs.

Repairing Cracked and Extreme Dents

In some cases the most effective way to repair the crack is to fill it. We can fill the crack and paint it to match the rest of your vehicle. These kinds of dent repairs are good for smaller dents, such as areas around your rear bumper. As long as the structural integrity of the panel is not compromised, this will cover the dent while restoring the appearance. It also helps keep the price down.

For larger dents or dent repairs in more prominent areas of the vehicle your best option may be to replace the panel. When replacing the panel you have a few options. Depending on the make and model of your vehicle it may be possible to purchase a factory manufactured panel that’s designed for new vehicles rolling off the assembly line. Other times, it may be best to purchase third-party panels. These are often less expensive, although it does depend on your vehicle.

Another option is to purchase a repair part from a junk yard. The part is from another vehicle like yours only it is less expensive. It will need to be painted (more than likely) but it is cheaper than purchasing a new part. Ultimately it will come down to what’s available and your own personal preference.

There is no auto damage too large or too small for our team at Brown’s Collision Center. Regardless of the problem at hand an ASE certified technician will inspect your vehicle and determine the best way to repair the dent. Whether this means replacing the panel, filling it, or pulling the dent out, we will let you know exactly what options you have and possible price points. So whether you have basic questions regarding minor dent repairs or you’re ready to bring the vehicle in, we’re ready to assist. All you need to do is give us at Brown’s Collision Center a call.

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