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It’s happened to the best of us. Driving down the highway, a car passes you, and then you hear a “clink” against the glass. You look around, wondering what happened, and then you see it — a chip in the windshield glass. Now you’re stuck with a damaged windshield.

It’s frustrating knowing you really couldn’t do anything to avoid it, and yet now have a crack in your windshield. It could have been a tree falling on your car or hail… These things happen.

Sometimes it’s apparent you need to get your damaged windshield repaired right away. Other times it might look like just a chip, and so you put it off. But should you? The Brown’s Collision Center auto body repair team wants to share information about waiting vs. having your damaged windshield repaired asap.

Auto Body Repair: Don’t Wait on the Windshield

Chips and cracks happen. Sometimes you can’t even feel the difference when touching the glass. Because the chip seems small, you might put off the repair. While you do have more time to deal with a cracked windshield, we strongly recommend taking care of it quickly.

Yes, technically it’s safe to drive. But you need to take it into your local auto body repair professionals because a crack, much like rust, doesn’t just start and stop. That crack in your windshield will grow.

This happens because the temperature inside and outside your vehicle fluctuates throughout the year. The expansion and contraction of the glass will eventually lead to a larger crack. Over months and even years, the chip will weaken and grow slowly. You may not even notice it because it happens so gradually.

Then, one day, when you hop into your car to drive to work, you see the crack is several inches longer. This compromises the entire structural integrity of your window. If another rock strikes your window, there’s a greater chance of the glass breaking while you drive, which puts everyone inside the vehicle in harm’s way.

It’s Cheaper to Handle It Right Away

Not all damaged windows require a full replacement. While the crack is small, it may only need a filler. The filler will secure the crack and prevent it from growing.

This is different from the filler you buy at the auto parts store. The stuff you buy at the store isn’t as strong (And it’s messy. You might end up with glue all over your dashboard.).

By handling it right away, you’ll protect the glass from further damage while cutting down on the repair cost. It is less expensive to fill in a small crack than to replace the entire windshield, which you’ll need to do if you wait.

Tow Truck Services

If your window is severely damaged and the structural integrity of the glass is called into question, you need to have your vehicle towed into our auto body repair center.

Never try to drive a vehicle with a smashed windshield. 

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At Brown’s Collision Center, your safety is our top priority. From repairing and replacing a damaged windshield to working on your vehicle – under the hood and body repair – we’re here for you. So whether you have a general question or if you want to schedule a service time, our team is ready and waiting to help. All you need to do is give our auto body repair center a call. We’ll take it from there.

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