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When you bring your vehicle in for repairs, you deserve the very best. From the very first moment you give customer service a call to set up an appointment to the moment you drive out of the repair shop, you deserve excellent service. And at Brown’s Collision Center, that’s what we strive to do. We want you to feel respected and appreciated every step of the way, and it’s our goal to offer the very best auto repair possible. That’s why we do what’s best for your vehicle, not what’s best for the insurance companies.

What’s Best For Your Car

Not all repair shops do what’s best for your car. Some do what’s best for the insurance provider. Some insurers try to go as cheap as possible with repairs. This means you may end up with repair parts that are picked off of a junkyard vehicle or are from the wrong model vehicle. While there are some instances where such a part might be the only option, most of the time the best way to go for not only the look of your vehicle but the structural integrity of the car is to invest in brand new parts of the correct make and model. At Brown’s Collision Center, we strive to make sure your vehicle receives the very best attention to detail possible.

Complete and Total Inspections

If you’ve been in an accident, an insurance claims representative will likely come out and inspect the vehicle and then give you an estimate. The problem with this stems from two areas: the inspection is brief, and the claims representative is not a certified and trained mechanic. They know how to spot general damage to the vehicle body and when that part of the body needs to be replaced, but outside of this, they don’t run diagnostic tests on the vehicle to see what’s running right and what needs to be corrected. That’s where our staff at Brown’s Collision Center comes in.

We’ll perform a complete inspection of your vehicle when you bring it in. It’s our goal to not only make sure you’re back on the road but back on the road safely. The last thing you want is for something to go overlooked so you’ll be forced to bring the vehicle back in. Missing repairs also put you and your vehicle in harm’s way. That’s why we don’t just go off of what a claims inspector suggests. We perform our inspection and put together our list of repairs. We’ll then go over the repairs with you and make the necessary adjustment claims with the insurance provider, so you don’t have to.

You and Your Car Deserve the Best

At Brown’s Collision Center we’re here to give you not only the best customer service but the best car repair as well. So whether you were in a slight fender- bender or your vehicle sustained extensive damage, we’re here to work with you and make sure the very best job is done repairing your car. After all, both you and your vehicle deserve the best of the best. If you have any questions about the kind of services we provide, want to know more about how we work with you and insurance companies, or want to make an appointment, feel free to give our team at Brown’s Collision Center a call at your earliest convenience. A friendly customer service specialist is standing by, reading to assist you.

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